Escoveitch/Steamed Fish are prepared to order (served with festival dumplings) 26.99

Jerk Chicken Linguine 22.00

Linguine served with red peppers, roasted garlic, onions, parmesan and jerk chicken.
Linguine can be substituted for rice

Strip-Loin Steak 26.00 (8oz)

Herb Crusted Strip-loin grilled to perfection, served with your choice of 2 sides

Curry Goat 22.00

Home style goat stew with potato and carrots, served with 1 side and Naan bread

Jerk Salmon 24.00

Marinated salmon filet in a citrusy jerk sauce served with a bowl of white rice and a medley of vegetables

Oxtail 22.00

Beef tail seasoned in allspice island medley and slow braised

Rack of Ribs Half Rack 21.00/Full Rack 30.00

Tender juicy 1/2 rack of rib served with K&S barbecue sauce, served with your choice of 2 sides

K&S Grilled Shrimp 21.00

Choose from Curried, Garlic or Jerk shrimp, served with white rice and salsa

Escoveitch Fish 26.99

Fried fish sauteed in a sauce made of carrots, peppers onions and vinegar served with festival dumplings


  • Rice & Peas
  • Steamed white rice
  • Island Vegetable Medley
  • Calypso Mashed Potatoes
  • Fried Plantain
  • Festival (Fried Dumpling)
  • French Fries